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Join our mission to help people be healthy and have the energy to achieve their dreams, by upgrading simple habits! ☕️

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Unleashing people's potential one cup of coffee at a time.

Did you know that over 50% of commercial coffees have mould in them?

This steals your productivity causing anxiety, jitters and bigger coffee crash. We want to make coffee drinking a habit that supports your dreams instead of sabotaging them. 🚀

Growing Team ⭐️

Based in Estonia. But distance isn't an obstacle - we work all around the World with the same passion, and get together whenever possible!

The start of Not Your Average.

In 2019, Kevad with her friend Anna realized that even though there are millions of health solutions, people are still getting sicker year by year. Why is that?

Ever since we have been working on growing a community to spread awareness on health, and make being a healthy energized human as easy as possible! 💪

The full story of Superfood Coffees

Emilie at Not Your Average

"At times, I forget to take vitamins. But I never forget to drink my coffee. I love that with Not Your Average I can take advantage of habit stacking and get my daily superfoods in together with a tasty cup of coffee. Not Your Average's fully female-led team is inspiring and yet another proof that when you have an awesome team around you, you can do just about anything! Come join us!"

Emilie Toomela - Not Your Average's Marketing Advisor

Kaisa at Not Your Average

"As a former Not Your Average marketing specialist I can wholeheartedly say there is no better place to grow and develop as a professional (and as a person) than Not Your Average. The ultimate trust, support and encouragement you receive from the women in the team is inspiring and something I’ll always be grateful for!"

Kaisa Kuusik - Marketing Specialist

Discover the Not Your Average Self.

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