All your questions answered!

What is Not Your Average? FAQ

It is a company founded in 2019 with a goal to not be another average health company. Co-founders started building NYA while being in high school to make the easiest solution for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Without even having to change any habits! Just upgrade your coffee and voilá!

Currently, we make superfood coffees and toxin-free beans. But there is so much more to come!

Where do I start? FAQ

If you have never tried superfood coffees, we recommend starting with a Kickstarter. It's a good smooth start to your journey! Subtle sweetness of superfoods in a caramelly specialty coffee. 

If you have tried some functional coffees - forget what you know about them and be ready for a whole new coffee experience 😉

What is a superfood coffee? FAQ

For us, this means top quality toxin-free coffee mixed with researched superfoods (such as Supermaca, Ashwagandha, Collagen, Lucuma, Raw Cacao and many more) to enhance the coffee drinking experience. That means you get antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre from a cup of coffee!

Are NYA coffees good for me? FAQ

Not Your Average superfood coffees consist of several superfoods that are proven to improve immunity, focus, endurance, libido and much more. How does it sound? 😉 Check out the health benefits of different superfoods on each product page.

What makes NYA coffee beans special? FAQ

Unlike many commercial coffees, NYA coffee is mould-free which saves the drinker from jitters, headaches and big caffeine crashes! The beans are also ethical and come from cooperation in Peru where education, living and working conditions are well valued.

When is the best time to consume your products? FAQ

We have coffees for any situation. The primary rule we recommend is to start your day with Limitless, Kickstarter or Choco Loco and end it with Bedtime Coffee 30minutes before bed.

How do NYA coffees compare to regular coffee? FAQ

All we try to do is make coffees that are above average (pun intended). All ingredients are from the highest quality source, the coffee is toxin-free, and superfoods are chosen for maximum functionality. All to make the most out of drinking coffee.

What is the difference between superfood coffees and beans? FAQ

All superfood coffees are made with ground coffee to ensure maximum absorption of superfoods. The beans are made to use with a grinder or in a coffee machine.

Are superfood coffees sold as beans? FAQ

Not at the moment. They are ground coffee.

How much Bedtime coffee can I drink? FAQ

Since it contains melatonin, please do NOT drink it every day! Drink it a few times a week, or when you feel jet-lagged or need to get your sleeping routine back on track. Melatonin in Bedtime Coffee signals your body to start producing sleep hormones. If you consume it daily, your body may become dependent on it, and produce less sleep hormone itself :) Drink it 2-3 times a week for optimal results.

Where is NYA located? FAQ

We are founded in Tallinn, Estonia. All our coffees are roasted and packaged here.

Do you sell in bulk? FAQ

Yes! We are happy to collaborate with different companies (Christmas gifts, client gifts), cafes and stores. Please write us on for an inquiry.

We can also make custom design packaging starting from 150 coffees (60g pack option available).

Do you ship to the USA? FAQ


Where can I find the products near me? FAQ

In Estonia, we are sold in Levi Design Shop (Solaris) and Krunnipea Design Shop (Solaris). Constantly expanding around Europe. If you have any recommendations where you'd like to see our coffees, please write to us!

Can I take these products while pregnant or nursing? FAQ

We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional before consuming any of NYA coffees while pregnant or breastfeeding. In general, it is not recommended to consume much caffeine then.

How do I prepare the superfood coffees? FAQ

2 FULL tablespoons per 1 cup of water 200ml. You can experiment with your familiar recipes as well, but we recommend adding a little more coffee grounds than you normally would.

How much caffeine do the products contain? FAQ

Our Peru coffee has approximately 38mg of caffeine per 100g.

What coffee makers/brewers can I use? FAQ

Anything you want! Our superfood coffee grind level is for french press, but the NYA team loves to use it with V60 and Aeropress as well! Beans are Espresso roast which is especially good for machine use or Moka Pot.