The habit that Rasmus has to kickstart his day!

The story how scepticism turned into a favourite routine! 😉

"At first I thought how big difference can a superfood coffee make, but... Long-story-short, now I'm obsessed with Bedtime Coffee! The morning after using Bedtime to fall asleep was a total gamechanger. Can I really feel rested after just 6 hours of sleep? Turns out, with quality sleep, yes!"

Rasmus Valdmann @r2smuz

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In his daily life Rasmus is a photographer. His journey started in 2016 when he accidentally found his moms camera.

Now he is living his dream working as a sneaker photographer! 👟 "This feels more like a hobby than work," Rasmus says. And this is how it should be!

"I'm being myself. I'm having fun. I'm doing what I love. That's all that matters."

The energy gained from coffee definitely plays a big part of Rasmus achieving his dreams at such a young age! 😉

Rasmus has found a match, and it's Bedtime Coffee! 💙

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"I have my coffee first thing in the morning, and it's usually Limitless Coffee. My day ends with a good cup of Bedtime Coffee. These two rituals have become a strong part of my daily life!"


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