The ultimate coffee experience!

If you are a company, office, or a store, we love to hear from you! Our coffee beans come with monthly subscriptions to make the process even more effortless for you!🚀

Likewise, our founders are happy to arrange a degustation to help you make the best choice!

“We believe that good coffee inspires and stimulates growth that can change the world.”

This is why have this conspiracy against bad coffee. In Not Your Average, all our coffees are

Tested for toxins, to prevent jitters.🔬

Specialty grade, to maximise the coffee aroma and taste.☕️

Ethically farmed.🌱

Functional. We drink so much coffee every day! This is a good tool for increasing employee focus and wellbeing. Or anyones!⚡️

How you can upgrade your business?

From toxin-free espresso beans for machine use to a variety of functional coffees, everyone will find their favourite!😉

Let's find your match!

Get custom designs for your coffees!

We also have an option to customise the package your coffee comes in!

No worries, we do the designing, you just get the cool coffees for your clients.

Get inspired: on the right, a luxury car rental Ferati found that if they surprise their clients with a fresh pack of specialty coffee in their new car, the customer lifetime value visibly increased!🚀

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What people are saying:

“I thought all coffees taste the same, and I used to use lots of milk with them. But Not Your Average coffee actually has this rich taste and aroma that doesn’t need anything! I’m impressed.”


Good health is important to me because it allows me to feel my best and life feels more fulfilling. I love a good cup of coffee in the mornings as a ritual which helps me get in the zone faster. My mornings start with Limitless Coffee.


“Coffee was one of the main reasons for my lack of clarity! Because I used to drink low quality coffee. Fortunately NYA coffee is all toxin free to prevent this. 🙌🏽””