All Day Decaf Coffee Beans


The next-level decaf coffee! Get all the taste of coffee and drink it all day. It was a dream for us. And now it's reality!

The high-quality coffee is sourced from Colombia and processed using the fully washed method. This results in balanced and rich chocolatey coffee.

We are confident that our decaf is the best in the market.  🏆

What is a Sugarcane decaffeination process?

Sugarcane decaffeination is done using a naturally occurring compound, ethyl acetate (EA) to decaffeinate coffee. The EA used in this process is derived from molasses. Since  EA is naturally-occurring, the process is labelled as naturally decaffeinated

The EA process is simple. The coffee beans are moistened with water and EA is circulated throughout. The EA binds with the caffeine in the bean and extracts the caffeine while leaving most of the other flavour compounds. After the desired caffeine level is reached, the EA residue on the beans is removed by steaming them. And that's how the best decaf is born. 💪

 400g of beans

This coffee is better than organic!?

Have you ever experienced headaches, jitters or even anxiety after drinking coffee?

Chances are these are NOT from caffeine intolerance, but from the mould and toxins in commercial coffee!

We believe that everyone deserves to drink coffee without tragic consequences and promise to serve only toxin tested coffee.

Plus all our coffees are ethically farmed: they come from a cooperative in Rodriguez de Mendoza region in Peru where locals Alfonso Tejada and Karen Araoz make sure all farmers get fairly paid and have good conditions.