Espresso Beans Amazonas, Peru

Superfood coffee only €0.99 per cup!

 400g of beans

In a beautiful symbiosis with the local Amazonas Province ecosystem, farmers from the Monteverde group have grown and processed these juicy fully washed coffee beans.

The careful processing and good soil management have magnified the notes of caramel and apple, making this coffee is absolutely irresistible. The high score of 84 in specialty coffee world definitely proves the point!

Here are some facts about our Peru Espresso beans:

  • In addition to taking good care of the soil and coffee, Monteverd guarantees fair wages, safe living conditions, health services, and necessary education to its workers.

  • The coffee has a sugary, fruit-forward profile which can remind one of berry syrup.

  • Peruvian coffee is usually smooth and mellow with mild acidity and light body. Its exciting flavour profile ranges from vanilla-nut sweetness to nutty, caramelly notes and subtle tones of citrus.

Pictures from the farm and Monteverde group:


Simply put:


Region: Amazonas Province, Peru

Method: Fully Washed

Variety: Bourbon, Catimor, Catuai, Pache, Typica

Altitude: 1400-1800masl

Score: 84

This coffee is better than organic!?

Have you ever experienced headaches, jitters or even anxiety after drinking coffee?

Chances are these are NOT from caffeine intolerance, but from the mould and toxins in commercial coffee!

We believe that everyone deserves to drink coffee without tragic consequences and promise to serve only toxin tested coffee.

Plus all our coffees are ethically farmed: they come from a cooperative in Rodriguez de Mendoza region in Peru where locals Alfonso Tejada and Karen Araoz make sure all farmers get fairly paid and have good conditions.