5 things that will motivate you to make your coffee at home!

5 things that will motivate you to make your coffee at home!

5 things that will motivate you to make your coffee at home!

We all love that fresh and beautifully foamy cappuccino made by our favourite barista at that special cafe… But do we also acknowledge the consequences that come with getting coffee from a coffee shop daily? Here we listed 6 reasons why you should drink your coffee at home:   

1. You will save a TON of money

An average person spends around 750€ on coffee in one year. Meanwhile making your perfect coffee at home will cost you only around 350€ a year. So yeah, it does make a huge difference. If you don’t believe us, check your bank account. 😉


2. You can find your new favourite by playing around with different coffees at home!

There are so many different variations of coffee - you can try it black, with cream, flat white style, cold-brewed or even with Siphon (see the picture below!). We believe that there is something for everyone and therefore encourage you to try and make as many different coffee drinks as possible, you never know when you’ll find your new favourite.

Making of Siphon Coffee

Making of Siphon Coffee


3. You will save the planet 

Everyone is always talking about takeaway cups, right? Now, let’s imagine your morning routine consists of walking to the nearest coffee shop and getting a venti latte on your way to work. Let’s say you work on 250 days a year and there (maybe) are those 10 days where you accidentally didn’t consume any coffee - that makes around 240 plastic cups a year - wow, right? Now imagine if we all would make our favourite coffee drinks at home, wouldn’t our planet be saved already? 

4. You can make everything 10 times healthier 


Have you ever thought about how much sugars, fats or calories are in your average takeaway coffee? Well, here is another reason why you should make your coffee at home. You can always see and (obviously… 💁‍♀️) measure what and how much you’re adding to your morning cup of joe. We even have a few suggestions - if you like your coffee on a sweeter side, try adding some vanilla extract, honey and coconut milk to get that fancy creamer type of vibe.


5. Coffee “at home” can taste as good, if not better, than “in a cafe”

If your only concern is that coffee doesn’t taste as good at home, let us help you. As we mentioned already, there is a lot of coffees to try out and choose from. We even posted a video of how to froth your milk perfectly with a french press. All you have to do is just try out different beans, roast levels and brewing methods to find your perfect significant match. It’s pretty fun, trust me!


EXTRA: You can save on superfoods and hustle with our superfood coffees!

Let’s say you’re a health guru and add collagen, ghee, maca and so on to your morning coffee - and there’s a cafe that serves such coffees, then if that’s your only excuse why you get your coffee from the cafes, we are proudly letting you know that you can make it yourself at home! And no, there will not be thousands of different superfood packages and a mess from mixing them, you can buy our superfood coffees and make them at home in no time and with no mess. *wink* 

Anyway, now that you know how much money you're spending and waste you’re creating drinking coffee from the cafes, we hope to see you make your coffee at home more. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a new hobby… 

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