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Long requested Lion's Mane Coffee now available! For limited time as we only made 150 coffees for stock! ⏳

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Lose weight, sleep good, be productive - all of this with just drinking coffee!

No need to buy tons of supplements & superfoods - they’re already in your cup of coffee!

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Science backed recipes made with the highest-quality ingredients from the nature.

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Why is MOULD FREE and TOXIN FREE important?

Have you ever experienced headaches, jitters or even anxiety after drinking coffee?

It is very likely that the villain behind this is the mould and mycotoxins in commercial coffee!

In Not Your Average, we make sure that the coffees we serve are the highest quality and tested for mould. For this we test moisture content and water activity several times along the supply chain, package them in professional evironment containers, and of course do several rounds of tasting to detect any possible defects and ensure the best cup quality. 🏆

In addition to this, our coffees are also grown without pesticides, making them the ultimate logical choice for your health.

We invite you to give coffee another chance and prepare to be impressed! 😉

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