Our favorite hacks to prevent burnout!

Our favorite hacks to prevent burnout!

Our favorite hacks to prevent burnout!

Spring is finally here, summer is soon to come and it should feel like everything is headed for the better, but….. if we’re being honest, there is not much motivation left. 

This is the reason we thought it is a good time to share some of our favourite productivity and self-care hacks, that keep us from burning out. 

1. Gratitude moments   



Find time to be thankful because expressing your gratitude unshackles us from toxic emotions. We personally feel super empowered and inspired when starting our day by being grateful. You can be grateful for literally anything - yourself, your life, your job. Find things or/and people that you’re grateful for and really feel it


Tip: Name 5 things you are grateful for right now!


2. Find the diet that suits you - don’t follow all of the trends 

healthy delicious food

What fits others might not be the best for you and what fits you might not fit others. Let that sink in and say it louder for the people in the back. 

You do not need to try out all of the supermodel diets or drink chlorophyll water because TikTok told you to. If you’re feeling well and nurtured by consuming food that you’ve been consuming your whole life  - continue to! Of course, you can always try new foods or spice things up but do NOT let it stress you out! 

3. It all comes down to sleep 

sleeping woman

We all are always ‘too busy’ to prioritize sleep, but we should. When sleeping, your body not only recharges your mind and physical energy, it also helps you to remain healthy and keep you away from viruses and diseases. Plus sleep can improve your concentration and lower your stress levels. 

(You can read more about sleep in our sleep-related article... HERE)

4. Find 10 minutes to work out 


Instead of watching Netflix for 5 hours straight and complaining that there is not enough time in one day, try moving your body for at least 10 minutes to upbeat music. Or try some 10-minute abs, HIIT, or yoga workout from YouTube or your favourite workout app. Enhanced mood, brain health, stronger core, and better vibes are guaranteed! 


5. Find at least 10-15 minutes to do what makes your soul happy


Doing something that you love every single day is sooo important. It can be skincare, reading a good book, cooking dinner, singing in the shower, meditating, or something completely different. You will instantly feel way more alive, happy, motivated and good about yourself. We all need that little dopamine kick so might as well give it a go.

And if you have any great tips on how to stay positive and not burn out you can always share them with us too! Hold on for a bit more, beach days and tan-lines are here any time soon!! 

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