The TOP 5 morning habits of successful people - number 4 will shock you!

The TOP 5 morning habits of successful people - number 4 will shock you!

The TOP 5 morning habits of successful people - number 4 will shock you!


We did all the research to find out what makes successful people successful. Obviously, it's their routine. But what exactly does their routine look like? Or specifically, the morning habits since this is what sets the intention for the whole day.


In this article, you will unveil the secrets of success from the Top businessmen and celebrities in the world!


Let's dive in! We are excited.😉


It all starts with mornings. The way you start your day sets the course for the next 24 hours! Here are some of the best practical morning routine tips from people like Jeff Bezos, Cameron Diaz, Steve Jobs and many more!


Hack 1: No alarm clock?!

white and silver alarm clock


Waking up with a shock from the disempowering ringtone of your alarm clock doesn’t sound like a motivating start. In fact, it can scare our system in a way that it wakes us up while flooding our body with stress hormones and adrenaline…


People like Oprah, Jeff Bezos, Arianna Huffington and the World famous biohacker Ben greenfield swear by waking up without an alarm clock. And, somehow they still manage to wake up at their desired time! How?


Oprah's way of this is setting an internal clock. “I have never set an alarm, I don't believe in them. They are…alarming! I put the number in my mind, and I wake up before that, usually between 6:02 and 6:20, because the dogs are trained to go out around that time.” she explains.


Besides that, it helps to go to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep. And go to bed at the same time every day! Our body loves routines 😉


Hack 2: Wake up the body

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When you have read a book like Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss or listened to several stories of successful people's morning habits, you have probably noticed that most of them include exercise in their mornings. It can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes!

According to New York Times, Bill Gates uses a treadmill to get him moving in the mornings. An actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow works out every morning after checking emails. And even Barack Obama got sweaty in his morning routine every day while in the White House.

Vogue’s editor in chief Anna Wintour starts her morning with an hour-long tennis match! You don’t have to commit to that, but adding a 20min yoga flow or a 10-minute HIIT to your mornings is proven to make you more energized and motivated during the day.


PS! One great extra hack that we discovered during our research was from a book called “The Creative Habit” by Twyla Tharp. Twyla explains how creating a simple ritual has helped her to maintain her daily gym routine.

Every morning at 5:30 she wakes up, puts on her training clothes, takes a cab, and goes to the gym. “The ritual is not the stretching and weight training I put my body through each morning at the gym; the ritual is the cab. The moment I tell the driver where to go, I have completed the ritual. It’s a simple act, but doing it the same way each morning habituates it—makes it repeatable, and easy to do. It reduces the chance that I would skip it or do it differently. It is one more item in my arsenal of routines, and one less thing to think about,” she writes. Definitely, a mindset switch to try out!



Hack 3: Plan the day

person holding on red pen while writing on book


This is a no-brainer: planning your day statistically makes you more productive and gets necessary tasks done. You can do that either the evening before, or fit planning into your morning routine. Our own dear Ambassador Kristel Tuul likes to plan the day the night before, and makes sure to calculate how much time each task takes to be realistic and get things done!


People like Kenneth Chenault, a former American Express CEO, Shark Tank host Barbara Corcoran and Not Your Average Co. CEO Kevad like to stick to 3 top priorities to get done during the day. “I used to make long to-do lists, but I found myself adding new irrelevant small tasks and crossing them off to get an illusion that I’m being productive. What a self-sabotage! Writing only 3 things that I really have to get done during the day helps me stay focused and if I complete these tasks, I can call it a successful day no matter what,” says our CEO and founder Kevad.


Another tip to remain focused comes from Steve Jobs. Every morning he looks into the mirror and asks:

If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

“If the answer is no for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something,” he explains. With this simple question, you can prevent days, months and even years of doing things you don’t like on autopilot.


Hack 4: No coffee for 2 hours after waking up?!


This might sound controversial coming from a coffee company, but our main priority is to have your health in mind after all. Plus, coffee is delicious any time of the day!


Start your days with a cup of water (try adding lemon and mineral salts!) to hydrate and get the metabolism working. For example actress Cameron Diaz starts the day with a whole litre of water at once, but a big cup will do it. 😉


What about coffee then?

It is good to let your body wake up itself and not be dependent on a caffeine kick. After all, you actually have a lot of energy naturally in the morning! Our recommendation is to have your superfood coffee around 1,5-3 hours after waking up to maximize the potential of coffee!


Hack 5. Commit to a ritual

woman performing yoga


Whether it’s a meditation or mindfulness practice, journaling or having a no-phones-and-distractions superfood coffee ceremony with your significant other, getting some calm time before you dive into the busy mailbox is a life-changer!


Any form of calmness practice can help control anxiety and stress, and it can also boost self-awareness and the ability to concentrate. In fact, after exercise, meditation is the second common morning habit we discovered among successful people!


Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey meditates 30 minutes daily before a run, and Arianna Huffington does a 20-30min mindfulness practice. Gratitude is a part of Oprah’s and Marie Kondos' morning routines, and reading is an essential habit for people like Bill Gates and Barack Obama. Another form of self-care routine is journaling, which is also a morning habit of Warren Buffet and Richard Branson.


Spending the time you usually would on scrolling social media to either meditate, journal or read can show a significant difference in your performance, as well as mental state and wellbeing.


These are the top 5 morning habits of successful entrepreneurs and superstars around the world. Implementing at least one habit into your mornings will help kick off your day right, and thrive in a meaningful way.


We encourage you to play around with different routines to find ones that suit you best, because as Michelle Obama says: “Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.” Our team is definitely inspired and anxious to take our morning routine to next level!


If you are looking for a morning habit that's both simple, and healthy, our superfood coffees are tailored just for you! A cup of specialty coffee enriched with potent world-class superfoods is a good way to get started with adopting a healthy lifestyle step by step. And why not make your morning coffee drinking into a self-care ritual - be it while making a to-do list for the day or coming to the present moment with every juicy sip of coffee.


Our recommendation to get started is Limitless Superfood Coffee. It has amazing superfoods to help you improve focus and brainpower. Limitless is enriched with MCT powder to help stabilise caffeine absorption, and reduce cravings during the day. Not to mention the fact you can get your daily dose of collagen from 2 cups of this coffee! Added Supermaca will help the collagen synthesise even more while guarding your immunity. And all this in your morning cup!


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