How to make NYA superfood coffee
(with a french press)?

Brew Guide with French Press

French Press coffee is a heavier cup with more density but still with all the aromatics. We recommend this method for our superfood coffees for a tasty cup of coffee, and the maximum extraction of superfoods! ☕️

Following the below steps will ensure you get the best of your coffee with this method.

COFFEE: Any ground NYA superfood coffee
RATIO: 1:12
WATER: 250ml
DOSE: 20g
TIME: +4:00min

Step 1: Coffee

Measure 3 teaspoons (or NYA Scoopers) of superfood coffee in your french press.

Step 2: Water

Add 250 ml of water to the french press.

Step 3: Wait

Place plunger lid loosely onto the press and wait 4 minutes.

Step 4: Push

After 4 minutes, push the plunger down slowly until it reaches the bottom.

Step 5: Enjoy

Congrats, your delicious healthy coffee is ready to be enjoyed!

Coffee Scoop + Clip