The Best French Press 350ml


We finally found THE ONE french press you need! 🏆 Upgrade your favourite morning ritual. Whether you're enjoying a morning pick-me-up solo or sharing with a friend, this French Press has got you covered.

Made of quality and wash-proof materials, it is built to last - unlike those cheap french presses that break every other week. 🤓 Its crack-proof and good-looking glass construction ensures you a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Brewing coffee has never been so easy:

☕️ just add 25g (2 tbsp) Not Your Average superfood coffee

💧 fill it with hot water

⏳ wait for 4 minutes

🥄 give it a little stir

⚡️ and press down the plunger.

The result is a rich and smooth cup of coffee you can enjoy with minimal effort. 🤩

  • 350ml capacity
  • Made of quality glass
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for one or two cups of coffee
  • An essential pairing with NYA superfood coffees 

This coffee is better than organic!?

Have you ever experienced headaches, jitters or even anxiety after drinking coffee?

Chances are these are NOT from caffeine intolerance, but from the mould and toxins in commercial coffee!

We believe that everyone deserves to drink coffee without tragic consequences and promise to serve only toxin tested coffee.

Plus all our coffees are ethically farmed: they come from a cooperative in Rodriguez de Mendoza region in Peru where locals Alfonso Tejada and Karen Araoz make sure all farmers get fairly paid and have good conditions.